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Due to the large quantiy of general questions and support requests we now only offer two methods of communication.

You may either Open a ticket or send us and email using the aporprate address below.

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What Is An Anonymous SMS?

An Anonymous SMS (anonymous text message) is a 100% untracable message. There is no way that the recipient can find out where it came from. You are able to send these through our web based interfaces, one of which has been optimised for hand held device usage (mobile phone, pda, tablet,etc).

Sending Anonymous SMS's can be a lot of fun and is 100% untracable!

Why Would I Use This?

This service is used to contact friends, family and acquaintances with out revling your identity. Below are some scenarios that our service is very useful:

  • You dont want a comment/conversation linked to your name
  • You know someone is cheating
  • You dont want to give your mobile number out
  • You want to play a trick on someone

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